KONOIKE Tomoko "Book Burning World of Wonder"

Author : KONOIKE Tomoko
format : 248×299×12mm
binding : hardcover
language : bilingual (Japanese/English)
page : 48pages
Published in April 2011

Tomoko Konoike was born in Akita prefecture and now lives in Tokyo.
She graduated from the Department of Painting (Japanese Painting) at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1985.
She freely combines such methods as painting, sculpture, animation, illustrated books, and games to create magnificent installations expressing modern myths.
Her unique works are generated within all kinds of environments that surround humans, such as forests and city streets, and she used an original map to involve the viewer in the “playfulness” that is central to her art, whichi is highly acclaimed at home and abroad.
She has held many major solo exhibitions, such as Chapter #0 at the Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama(2006), and Inter-Traveller at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, subsequently shown at Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima(2009), and her books include Mimio (Seigensha Art Publishing, 2001) and Inter-Traveller : People Playing with the Dead (Hatori Press, 2009).

¥ 4,104





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