ISOE Tsuyoshi "Deep Slumber"

Author : Tsuyoshi Isoe
format : 285×228×28mm
binding : hardcover
language : bilingual (Japanese/English)
page : 280pages (176 in color)
Published in April 2015


Plates I : 1977-2007
Plates II : Focusing on the drawing studies

Tsuyoshi Isoe  "In Search of True Realism" "Thoughts on Realism"

Ryuta Imafuku "The Freedom of Realism"
Atsushi Suwa "Collecting His Words"
Kenichiro Ishiguro "Isoe`s Sojourn in Spain : A Time of Richly Rewarding Experiences and Insights"
Akira Mizuno "A Painstaking Approach to Realism : Memories of Paintings that Capture What the Naked Eye Sees"
Koji Yamamoto "A Deep Slumber : Tsuyoshi Isoe`s Trail of Light"

¥ 4,860





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